Education and Training
Dr. Jennifer delights in providing dental care for children. Following four years of college and four years of dental school, Dr. Jennifer spent an additional two years completing a residency in pediatric dentistry. This extensive specialty training encompasses growth and development, child psychology, treatment of traumatic injuries, sedation, care of the handicapped and training in those specialized procedures unique to young children and teens.

Our patients and their families are provided with a warm, caring, cheerful environment. The physical arrangement of our office is especially child-oriented. It’s a place where learning toys, video games, books, television and electronic toys help make your child’s visit an exciting experience. Our desire is to help your child build and maintain a positive attitude toward dental care.

We emphasize preventing dental problems. Plastic sealants, which act as shields on permanent teeth, do an excellent job of sealing out decay. At each check-up, we determine the appropriateness of sealants for your child, and if already placed, we check the integrity of each sealant and repair or replace it if needed free of charge. Tooth strengthening fluoride is utilized and is regulated to the optimum level for your child.

Orthodontics Growth and Development
We intercept many developing orthodontic problems by carefully monitoring your child’s growth and development at each check-up. When warranted, a consultation with an orthodontist may be recommended. Early intervention can prevent a more serious orthodontic problem from arising.

Our clinical staff is caring and talented. They truly enjoy treating children. The staff regularly participates in continuing education programs. This keeps them especially current in the latest findings, innovations and treatment in dental care for young people.

Materials, Procedures
We utilize the highest quality and most advanced materials available for children’s dental care. Our x-ray techniques and procedures are all designed to minimize exposure. Lead aprons and ultra-high speed film are routinely used.

Emergency Care
We pride ourselves on being available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for emergency phone calls.

Reception Staff
We delight in the helping, caring attitude of our reception staff. They are most happy to aid you in any way possible.